Test Sets to International Standards

Impact test Equipment has put together a comprehensive collection of Test Sets to International Standards to aid site and laboratory staff in choosing and specifying the equipment and accessories required to perform a specific test.

These are organised into the main standard areas, currently British Standard (BS) Test Sets, European Standard (EN) Test Sets, ASTM Test Sets and AASHTO Test Sets. More will be added as standards are updated or added and as our staff put together new test sets to meet customer requirements.

Our test sets are intended as guides to the technician or engineer and may require more or less equipment depending upon existing equipment and the laboratory testing requirements. In many cases additional Test Sets may be required if the laboratory is not already equipped with a standard range of equipment such as ovens, balances and other frequently used items. Where additional equipment may be required we have added a note to advise which Test set or Sets may be used to complete the equipment list. Simply click on the additionally required Test set number to view the contents of that Set.

The Test Sets we have provided are a continually growing selection of the most frequently used tests and standards. Please note that when using these test sets there may be duplication of equipment and accessories.

To view individual product specifications visit our test equipment site at www.impact-test.co.uk. Here you can view products by material to be tested or by entering the product code or other key words into a search field.

If you wish to see full details & specifications for our range of test sieves, including grain sieves, coffee sieves & wet washing sieves and a range of sieving accessories, please visit our dedicated sieving site at www.impact-test.com.