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UKAS accredited calibration laboratory, No. 0419

Our highly trained & qualified engineers are able to calibrate a number of Force Testing systems and devices from any manufacturer, that are used in the laboratory or on site.

Impact performs calibrations within our own laboratory at Stevenston or on your premises* or site*. Our engineers travel extensively throughout the UK, Ireland and overseas, supporting our customers wherever they are.

Impact's technical team offers worldwide support for all your calibration requirements.
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Call +44 (0)1294 602626 or email our calibration department to arrange an on site calibration visit or send your equipment to Impact for calibration in our laboratory.

*Sieve calibrations & some *Force calibrations cannot be carried out on site. Please contact us for details.
You can contact the Impact Calibration Laboratory directly by email, Equipment Calibration or Sieve Calibration or through our Contact page.

Our UKAS Accreditation Covers:

SOILS & ROCK, to BS1377 & BS EN 7500-1
Calibration of Force Measuring Devices used for
Triaxial / Shearbox / Rock Cores / CBR /Unconfined / Plate Bearing

  • Load Rings
  • Load Cells
  • Point Load Testers
  • Load Gauges
Calibration of Force Measuring Systems used for
Cubes / Cylinders / Beams / Prisms / Sleepers / Cores

  • Compressions Machines
  • Includes the Alignment and Restraint (Foote Meter), Pacer rate & Flatness of platens
  • Flexural Machines
  • Transverse Machines
CONCRETE / CEMENT / MORTARS to BS EN &7500-1 & BS EN 12390-4
ASPHALT to BS EN 7500-1
Calibration of Force Measuring Systems used in Marshall Design Testing

  • Load Rings
  • Load Cells
TESTING to BS EN 7500-1
Calibration of Force Measuring Systems

  • Compression Machines
  • Load Rings
  • Load Cells
Test Sieves, used for grading a wide range of materials.
Test Sieve Calibration is performed within the Impact Calibration Laboratory at Stevenston.

  • Perforated Plate Sieves to BS EN 3310-2 & BS 410-2
  • Woven Wire Mesh Sieves to BS 410-1, ISO 3310-1 & ASTM E11

Cube Moulds, used for Concrete / Cement / Mortar Testing, BS EN 12390-1

Click here to view a copy of Impact's UKAS Accreditation Schedule.

Impact can also carry out or arrange UKAS or UKAS traceable calibration for many other items used in the laboratory, such as:


  • Soil Penetrometers
  • Dial Gauges
  • Cone Check Gauges
  • Linear Transducers
  • Hand Vane Testers
  • Vernier Callipers
  • Digital Callipers
  • Straight Edges
  • Feeler Gauges
  • Engineer Squares
  • Gauge Blocks
  • Marshall Compactors
  • Hydrometers
  • Tachometers
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Centrifuges
  • Test Hammers
  • Air Meters


The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the sole UK accreditation body recognised by government to assess, against internationally recognised standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. UKAS is a member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA). UKAS calibration certificates issued by Impact bear both the UKAS and the ILAC logos.

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