Frost-heave to BS812 part 124

This set of equipment has been put together to list what is necessary to carry out the test using the method described in BS812 part 124 - additional items may be required, please refer to the standard


Part NoDescriptionQty
AG250 Frost Heave Cabinet BS812:PT124: 1989 1
AG251 Brass Rod - Frost Heave (750ml) 9
AG252 Frost-Heave Sand 20kg: 5mm to 2.36mm 1
AG253 Frost-Heave Sand 25kg: 2.36mm to 1.18mm 1
CN014 Ruler Stainless Steel 300MM 1
MH063 Steel Wool Spillage Treatment 500G 1
AG254 Frost Heave Tufnol Disc 9
AG255 Frost Heave Ceramic Discs 9
AG256 Frost Heave Mould 1
AG257 Frost Heave Steel Tamper (Figure 2) 1
AG258 Frost Heave Steel 100mm Tamping Foot 1
BA110 Balance Portable 6000 x 1G 1
CN083 Economy Multiflow Mixer 56 Lit 240V 1
MH054 Bucket C/W Lid 25 Litre - 328d X 416h 1
MH630 Vibrating Hammer 240V. Breaker 1
CL012 300mm Digital Depth Gauge 1
OV070 Oven D/Door 225 C/W Dig.Cont & Readout 1
BA315 Balance H.Duty 300kg x 20g 1
MH684 SDS Max Shank 400mm For MH630/MH631 1
AG260 Frost-Heave Small Extrusion Tool 1
AG261 Frost-Heave Large Extrusion Tool 1
AG265 Frost-Heave Copper Specimen Carrier 9
AG266 Cotton Wool Absorbant 1
AG267 Filler for Frost Heave 25kg 1
AG262 Wax Paper Sheet 250mm x 380mm 50gsm (PK1000) 1
AG263 Adhesive Tape 50mm wide x 0.13mm thick (50m) 1