Frost Heave to BS1377 part 5/7

This set of equipment has been put together to list what is necessary to carry out the test using the method described in BS1377 part 5 - additional items may be required, please refer to the standard

Part NoDescriptionQty
AG250 Frost Heave Cabinet 1
AG251 Brass Rod - Frost Heave 1
AG252 Sand 20kg: 5mm to 2.36mm 1
AG253 Sand 25kg: 2.36mm to 1.18mm 1
CN014 Steel Ruler 300mm long for Slump Test 1
MH063 Wire Clay Triangle 1
AG262 Wax Paper Sheet 250mm x 380mm 50gsm 1
AG263 Adhesive Tape 50mm wide x 0.13mm thick 1
AG254 Tufnol Discs - Frost Heave 1
AG255 Ceramic Discs - Frost Heave 1
AG256 Mould - Frost Heave 1
AG257 Frost Heave Steel Tamper (Figure 2) 1
AG258 Steel 100mm Tamping Foot - Frost Heave 1
AG259 Jacking Device - Frost Heave 1
BA110 Laboratory Balance 6000g capacity 1
CN083 Pan Mixer 56 litre mix capacity 220V 1
MH054 Bucket 25 Litre capacity, complete with lid 1
MH630 Vibrating Hammer Hikoki 240V 1
MH680 300mm Shank to fit SL638 (discontinued) vibrating hammer 1
CL012 300mm Digital Depth Caliper 1
OV070 Double Door Soils Drying Oven 225 litre capacity - digital touch screen control 1
BA315 Heavy Duty Platform Balance 300kg capacity x 20g 1