Marshall Test to ASTM D1559

This set of equipment has been put together to list what is necessary to carry out the test using the method described in ASTMD1559 - additional items may be required, please refer to the standard


Part NoDescriptionQty
BM270 Marshall Mould Collar 1
BM271 Marshall Mould Body 1
BM272 Marshall Mould Base 1
BM273 Extraction Plate for Marshall Moulds 1
BM274 Marshall Specimen Container 1
BM260 Manual Marshall Compaction Hammer 1
BM261 Marshall Compaction Guide 1
BM262 Marshall Compaction Pedestal 1
BM245 Breaking Stability Head 1
BM247 Marshall Flow Gauge Stand 1
BM220 Marshall Test Load Frame 1
BM231 Load Ring 50kN capacity 1
BM233 Flow Dial Gauge 25mm travel x 0.01 1
BM290 Marshall Mixer 5 Litre capacity - Hobart 1
BM292 Isomantle Heater - 5 litre mixer 1
MH710 48 Litre Water Bath -20 to 95 deg C with analogue heater/stirrer 1
MH220 Circular Hotplate 200mm diameter 1
BM203 Bitumen Air Bath 1
MH573 Lever Lid Tin - 5L 10
MH262 Epoxy coated carbon steel Hand Trowel 1
MH541 Spatula/Palette Knife 150mm 1
TH030 Heavy Duty Dial Thermometer -20 to +60 degrees C 1
TH032 Heavy Duty Dial Thermometer 0 to 250 degrees C 1
TH050 Digital Thermometer -50 to +1370°C x 1°C 1
TH067 Heavy Duty Needle Probe, 6.35mm x 300mm 1
BA110 Balance Portable 6000 x 1G 1
MH460 Heat Resistant Gloves 1
MH465 PVC Gauntlets 350mm long 1
MH526 Scoop 4.5kg 1
SL170 Density Spoon 1
MH820 Wax Ladle 1
MH025 Yellow Wax Crayons 1
BA150 Portable Balance 6000g capacity 1