Non-repetitive Static Plate Load Tests to ASTM D1196

This set of equipment has been put together to list what is necessary to carry out the test using the method described in ASTMD1196 - additional items may be required, please refer to the standard


Part NoDescriptionQty
SL347 500kN Plate Bearing Pressure System 1
SL348 Datum Bar Assembly 1
MH127 Dial Gauge 50mm travel x 0.01mm - clockwise 4
SL350 150mm Bearing Plate 1
SL351 300mm Bearing Plate 1
SL352 455mm Bearing Plate 1
SL353 610mm Bearing Plate 1
SL354 760mm Bearing Plate 1
SL361/N 500kN Load Cell with Digital Indicator supplied with UKAS calibration certificate 1