Sedimentation test to BS812 part 103.2

This set of equipment has been put together to list what is necessary to carry out the test using the method described in BS812 part 103 - additional items may be required, please refer to the standard


Part NoDescriptionQty
AG035 Andreasen Pipette 25ml complete to BS812-103 1
AG036 Andreasen Pipette Stand to BS812-103 1
SL297 Sedimentation cylinder 1
MH035 1000ml Rubber Bung 1
GP067 15ml Glass Weighing Bottle 6
MH730 Large 15 to 100 deg C Water Bath with digital heater/stirrer 1
AG040 Glass Jar, wide mouth 1kg to BS812-103 1
GP215 500g Kilner Jar with metal screw sealing ring 1
AG038 Bottle Roller to BS812-103 1
MH054 Bucket C/W Lid 25 Litre - 328d X 416h 1
MH562 Timer Stopwatch, 24 hour 1
GP095 200mm Non-Vacuum Desiccator, glass with perforated zinc disc 1
CH110 500g Silica gel indicating Coarse 1
GP082 Class B Glass Burette 50ml capacity 1

Also required but not part of basic set

BS812-103.2AR Sedimentation test - also required to BS812 part 103.2