Percentage refusal density to EN12697-32

This set of equipment has been put together to list what is necessary to carry out the test using the method described in EN12697 part 32 - additional items may be required, please refer to the standard


Part NoDescriptionQty
OV070 Oven D/Door 225 C/W Dig.Cont & Readout 1
BA035 Electronic Balance 16kg capacity 1
BA020 Weighing in Air/Water Frame 1
BM500 PRD Mould 1
BM500/1 PRD Baseplate 1
MH630 Vibrating Hammer 240V. Breaker 1
MH684 SDS Max Shank 400mm For MH630/MH631 1
MH660 146mm Tamping Foot without shank 1
MH661 102mm Tamping Foot without shank 1
MH542 Spatula/Palette Knife 200mm 1
CN014 Ruler Stainless Steel 300MM 1
CL001 Vernier Caliper 0 to 150mm 1
MH562 Timer Stopwatch, 24 hour 1
MH553 Trimming Knife with flexible polished steel blade 1
TH050 Digital Thermometer -50 to +1370°C x 1°C 1
TH067 Heavy Duty Needle Probe, 6.35mm x 300mm 1
MH053 Bucket 17 Litre capacity, complete with lid 1
CH120 Silicone Release Agent, heavy duty 1
CH031 25kg Chalk French Powder for PRD Test 1
CH175 Paraffin Wax 1
MH800 Wax Melting Pot, 20 to 90 degrees C 1
MH170 Filter Paper No.1 1
CN599 350mm Bench Saw 1
CN603 350mm Diamond Saw Blade 1
CN605 Masonry Saw Cube/Cylinder Clamp 1