Ten percent fines value (TFV) to BS812 part 111

This set of equipment has been put together to list what is necessary to carry out the test using the method described in BS812 part 111 - additional items may be required, please refer to the standard


Part NoDescriptionQty
MH012 Absorbent Cloth 500mm x 750mm 1
AG110 Relative Density Basket BS to BS812 EN1097-6 1
MH054 Bucket C/W Lid 25 Litre - 328d X 416h 1
AG155 Aggregate Crushing Value to BS812-110 1
CN011 Tamping Rod to BS1881 & EN12350-2 1
MH250 Rubber Mallet, 16oz 1
MH586 Tray 400 x 400 x 75mm deep 1
SV041 Large Sieve Brush 1

Also required but not part of basic set

BS812-111AR Ten percent fines value (TFV) - also required to BS812 part 111