Permeability in a hydraulic consolidation cell Data Logging System to BS1377 part 6/4D

This set of equipment has been put together to list what is necessary to carry out the test using the method described in BS1377 part 6 - additional items may be required, please refer to the standard


Part NoDescriptionQty
SL266 Rowe Consolidation Cell 1
SL721 10mm Strain/Displacement Transducer 1
SL626 4 Regulator Air/Water Panel 1
SL628 Bladder Air/Water Cylinder 3
SL630 Air Compressor 1000kPa 1
SL780 Automatic Volume Change 2
SL781 Changeover Valve Assembly 2
SL722 25mm Strain/Displacement Transducer 2
SL728 Transducer Adaptor Bracket for Oedometer or Automatic Volume Change 3
SL735 1000 kPa Pressure Transducer 1
SL738 De-Airing Block 1
SL699 8 Channel Data Logger 1
CH120 Silicone Release Agent, heavy duty 1
TH001/N BS593 A40C thermometer range 0 to 40 degrees C x 0.1 supplied with 3 point UKAS Calibration Certificate 1

Also required but not part of basic set

BS1377-2/3.2 Moisture content determination, oven method
BS1377-2/8.2 Particle Density - Gas Jar method
BS1377-2/8.3 Particle Density - Small pyknometer method
BS1377-6/3AR Consolidation Hydraulic Cell - also required
Some equipment will be duplicated