Acid Soluble Chloride Content - also required

This additional set of items may be required to carry out the test using the method described in BS1377 part 3


Part NoDescriptionQty
BA114 Portable Electronic Balance 32kg capacity 1
BA072 Analytical Balance 620g capacity 1
SV516 150 micron x 200mm woven wire stainless steel mesh sieve to ISO 3310 1
SV471 200mm Receiver 1
AG005 Riffle Box Slot Width 7mm to BS812 EN932 1
AG007 Riffle Box Slot Width 15mm to BS812 EN932 1
MH220 Circular Hotplate 200mm diameter 1

Reagents are also required but not part of basic set

BS1377-3/7.2.2 Reagents – BS1377 Part3 : 1990 Clause 7.2.2