Density and Unit Weight of Soil in Place - Rubber Balloon Method to ASTM D2167

This set of equipment has been put together to list what is necessary to carry out the test using the method described in ASTMD2167 - additional items may be required, please refer to the standard


Part NoDescriptionQty
SL164 Balloon Density Apparatus 1
SL164/1 Pack of 10 Density Balloons 1
SL170 Density Spoon 1
SL169 Hand Pick 1
SL167 Density Chisel 1
SL166 Steel Pointed Rod 1
MH001 Polythene Bag 510mm x 770mm, 120 micron 10
SL165 Scraper Tool 1
MH530 Sampling Shovel size 2 1
MH052 Bucket 10 Litre capacity, complete with lid 1

Also required but not part of basic set